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Skin Tag Remover Cream Warts & Skin Tag Removal Ointment - Safe & Gentle Common Warts, Corn, Callus-Painlessly Remover Cream for Men and Women
【Painlessly】- With the Skin Tag Remover Cream, you can get rid of common warts, plantar warts, flat warts painlessly and it’s safe and effective.
【Natural formula】- There is no need for harsh acids and chemicals in this ointment. With the use of highly effective ingredients, the recipe for eliminating warts will safely and gently.
【Easy to absorb】- This ointment easily absorbs into the skin, and it is easy to use. No other special tools or complicated directions needed to remove your warts.
【Effective wart remover】- Just in 7 days you will definitely see gradual changes on your skin, such as flat warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, and common warts through our special natural formula. It’s convenient for at-home treatment.

【Suitable for all skin】- This wart remover cater all skin types from sensitive to normal skin, from men to women.

【Material】- Kochia scoparia, Xanthium, Cnidium, Borneol, Honeysuckle, Sophora flavescens, Safflower, etc.

Product description
Warts are skin growths caused by dirty thing on the surface of the skin.
Warts are caused by dirty thing that can enter the skin through a cut or abrasion.
Warts can occur in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as a bump with a rough surface or be flat and smooth.
Warts can appear either alone or in groups.
Benefits of the Skin Tag Remover Cream:
Starts working instantly
Convenient, at-home treatment
Easy and discreet
Safe to use on kids 4 and older
Removes warts fast - with as few as 1 treatment
Pregnant women can’t use the cream.
Don’t use it on your skin with wounds.
Don’t use it on the irritated skin or on any area that is infected or reddened
Just for external use.
Avoid contact with your eyes.
If irritation, please stop to use.
Keep out of reach of children.
How to use the Skin Tag Remover Cream?
Wash the affected skin with water and dry completely before applying.
Apply the wart remover ointment on your skin.
Repeat the procedure twice daily until wart is removed.

Wart Removal Treatment Cream Plantar Flat Filiform Periungual Common Skin Tag

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