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Gel Ice Pack Cooling Face Mask Pain Headache Relief Chillow Pillow Headache Description: 100% new high quality. Color: As shown in the picture. Effect one: Cold compress can shrink capillaries, tighten skin, prevent skin from loosening, maintain facial skin elasticity. Efficacy II: Dilute The black circles have obvious effect. Efficacy III: With the use of the essence of the same time to accelerate the infiltration of effective components. Features: Soft, easy to use, obvious effect, and can be reused for recycling.   How to use: 1.Cold compress:Put in the refrigerator, after the precooling treatment (4-10 degrees refrigerated) 30 minutes, can be worn on the face.Usually worn for 5-10 minutes,can also be extended according to personal symptoms. No side effects. 2.Hot compress: Put 60 degrees Celsius in warm water 5 minutes or so can be used.Or in a microwave oven for 30 seconds-1 minutes.

Gel Hot Ice Pack Cooling Face Mask Pain Pillow Headache Relief Relaxing Chillow

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