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FREE Ozstock Day: A Box of Handgum (randomly picked)
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Handgum is both solid and liquid. It has taken Russia by storm, and it promises to be bigger than Transformer - it shapes into anything you want it to be, your own imagination is the only limit! For example, if you make a ball and put it on the table, in a couple of minutes it will have become a puddle. But if you throw the very same ball against the floor, it will bounce... The fun is endless!

Two Different Types, Glow In The Dark and Heat Sensitive, and different colours available, it will be randomly picked.  If you order more than one, we will endeavour to pick different types and colours for you.

Now, watch the demo video below, it's INTERESTING, to say the least.

The video is for demo only, actual product might be slightly different.

The video is for demo only, actual product might be slightly different.


  • Type One: Glow In The Dark 
    This Handgum will glow magically in the dark, and it is translucent so the glow appears to come from deep within. Glowing putty is perfect toy for all ages and all occasions (car, office, party or the bedroom...).  Exposure Glow In The Dark Handgum to strong light - the brighter, the better - then the Handgum will glow for hours with very nice colours.

  • Type Two: Heat Sensitive - Changes Colour
    Hypercolour - Temperature Sensitive Handgum will change colour before your eyes with the warmth of your hand. Just a touch from your hand or a warm tea mug will reveal a new colour. To restore the original colour just put the Handgum in the fridge.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Handgum (type and colour randomly picked)


  • Dispatch in 4-6 working days
  • No pickup
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FREE Ozstock Day: Handgum - Unique Silly Putty Which Is Solid And Liquid At The Same Time!

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