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Module highlights: 1. Dual mode, 0.1% duty cycle step by step in fine mode; 2. LCD display frequency and duty cycle are very clear, and it is very convenient to adjust by using coding potentiometer; PWM output can set frequency and duty cycle respectively; 3. With locking function to prevent misoperation; 4. Upper and lower duty cycle limits can be set; kpwm with switch can turn on and off PWM output with one key; 4. Wide frequency range and high precision; 5. Serial communication   1、 Module description PWM output, frequency and duty cycle can be set respectively; Normal mode: Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150kHz duty cycle: 000 ~ 100%, duty cycle step by step: 1% Fine mode: Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 15KHz duty cycle: 00.0 ~ 100%, duty cycle step: 0.1% The frequency is divided into four ranges, which are switched automatically: 1. XXX (no decimal point): the minimum unit is 1Hz, and the value range is 1Hz ~ 999hz; 2. The minimum unit of x.xx (decimal point is in the hundreds) is 0.01khz, and the value range is 1.00khz ~ 9.99khz; 3. XX. X (decimal place is ten): the minimum unit is 0.1khz; the value range is 10.0khz ~ 99.9khz 4. X.x.x (decimal point in tens and hundreds): the minimum unit is 1kHz; the value range is 1kHz ~ 150kHz e. G. frequency display: 100 represents the pulse with PWM output of 100Hz; 1.01 is the pulse with PWM output of 1.01k; 54.1 means the PWM output 54.1khz pulse; 1.2.4 represents the PWM output 124khz pulse; Duty cycle value range: 0 ~ 100%; All setting parameters, power down and save.

XY-KPWM Signal Generator 1-Channel 1Hz-150KHz PWM Pulse Frequency Duty RDRY~AU

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