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【3-in-1 Effect 】High waist trainer thigh trimmer hip raise, can be achieved in 1 step,makes you sweat 3 times more than ever before. Get rid of stubborn inner thigh and waist fat by shedding excess water weight, raise your hips in the same time.
【Easy to Burn Fat】Waist and Thigh is a Premier fitness enhancer strategically designed to lift your butt, trim your waist, melt fat, and reduce water weight in key target areas of your core, waist, and thighs. Our advanced latex free neoprene material is specifically designed to intensify and trap body heat resulting in a higher core body temperature.
【Body Shaper Slip Resistant Design】The Waist Trimmer Belt prevents the thigh support sleeve from slipping or sliding during physical exercise. Flexible silhouette waist and thigh straps with adjustable straps, Sturdy stickers keep you tight.Shape the stature you like. Grid Lining repel moisture , prevent slipping, bunching, and moving in any kind during activities.
【Adjustable and Flexible】 Wide straps around waist provides great support while working out or doing exercise.Adjustable 3 strap velcro design allows you to adjust the amount of compression on each thigh to your level of comfort. It is flexible to adjust to your size and shape, contoured to fit around your thighs comfortably during exercise, provide a effective thigh support and hold the muscle perfectly.
【Easy to Use in Any Occations】The thigh support allows complete freedom of movement and is perfect for using in any activity, including gym workout, soccer, baseball, basketball, cycling, running training, fitness and yoga. It is very comfortable to wear all day, and it can be put on and taken off quickly and easily.
Colour: red
Material: polyester latex silk
Type:Resistance Band
Model:Fitness Resist Belts
Package Include:
2x fitness resistance band
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2XSport BFR Bands Blood Flow Restriction Occlusion Training Fitness Resist Belts

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