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Material: Plastic
Color: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green
Size Chart:
Length: 30cm / 11.81inch, inner diameter: 2.5cm
Package Includes:
24 Pieces Hair Rollers (6 pieces per color)
How to use:
1. Wash your hair and wipe it to half dry.
2. Link the two poles and insert the hooked end of the pole from the glue port.
3. Hook a handful of hair with a hook that passes through the curls.
4. Hold the hair curler with one hand and pull the hook in with the other.
5. After pulling in the hair, remove the hook and leave the curling iron on the hair for about 40 to 60 minutes until it is completely dry (the longer the time, the better the effect, if the time is tight, you can also blow it off with a blower).
6. Remove the hair curlers, and the curls are successfully completed.
Creating a unique fashionable style. No need for chemicals with this natural hair styling tool set.
Easy, quick and soft to create good curls.
Perfect for creating gorgeous curls.
No harm to hair, easy operation.
Recyclable, can be used for many times.

24Pcs Magic Hair Curlers Set 30cm Spiral Curl Styling Heatless Wave Curler Rolls

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