Product Description
- Dimmable Bright Light: botton dimmer switch to adjust the brightness for your need at any time.
- Soft and not dazzling, so your eyes not be hurt by the light and it is no problem to makeup for a long time
- Instant installing: No need to drill holes, directly stick it on the mirror, mirror frame,desk or wall in a few minutes with strong tape stickers(never falling off)
- 3 Level Brightess Adjustable: You simply press button to increase or lower down the brightness based on your needs.Make sure every detail of your hair and makeup are in place
- Works best for putting eyeliner, mascara,eyebrows,contact lens,grooming,or even dressing shaveetc, to create the perfect makeup and look.
- Safety Enough: We use the USB powered, you can connect the DC 5V 8W power adapter or power bank, our first bulb has enough distance with usb port
- Fit Area: Makeup mirror, bathroom, photo studio, hair salon vanity light decoration etc..... 
Material: Plastic
Power: DC 5V 8W
Type of Bulb: 10 LED Bulb
Light color: Cool white
Bulb Features: Dimmable, Memory
Max diatance of the bulb: 200.78 inch for 10 bulbs (not including the usb cord)
Package Included:
1x Lights Chain ( 10*bulb)
1x Dimmer
1x Box
1. Due to light and other reasons, there may be differences in color.
2. Products are manual measurement, there is slightly measuring error.
3. Thank you for your kindly understanding.

LED Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with Dimmable 10 Light Bulbs

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