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1.New metal. This sharpener is only one made by Aluminium alloy
2.New angel adjust system.Accurate setting of grinding angle.Angle memory system set
3.New flip fixture system flipped over to sharpen other side while retaining the same exact angle and edge (proprietary technology)
4.Innovative Patented Abrasive Holding System, Suitable for Various Abrasives
5.Silent smooth guidance system
6.Suitable for cutting edges of various shapes
7.Adjustable Ergonomics handle.Nice touch
Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
Packing Size: 28*15*11cm
The whetstones are Light, portable, and Anti-friction
Easy replace for the whetstone of the sharpener system,And easy sharpening all kinds of knives
For sharpening kitchen knife, scissors, chopper, hand hay cutter, shave knife, axe etc
Sharpening stone can use oil or water
Stone size: 15 x 2 x 0.5cm (L x W x H)
Grit: 120# ,320# ,600#,1500#
Color: As the pictures show
Operation Instructions:
1. Wet the Cloth and ring it out. Wet the stone, with the STONE ARM
Off to the side so that the water runs away from the Pivot. Wipe off
Excess water
2. Position the blade on the BLADE TABLE with the knife handle
The machine and the edge parallel to the front of the GUIDE.
3. Place the STONE on the edge of the knife. Pull the knob all the way
Toward you, and slide the STone over to the HEEL of the blade
4. The Stroke: Push the STONE ARM forward and at the same time let it
Slide to the opposite side of the BLADE TABLE (diagonal motion)
PULL the STONE ARM back to the starting position along the same
Apply just enough pressure to get the stone to cut. Most of the
Sharpening is done on the push stroke. Don't pick the STONE up on the
Pull stroke, just let it slide on the edge. Make smooth, long, slow strokes
So you just bump the kiss gently Hold the KNOB loose in your hand so
It is free to follow the shape of the knife blade. Let the STONE slide from
Side to side in a straight line. Do not move in circles, as it wi
Concentrate all the sharpening in only one area of ??the edge
5. Go slowly. The STONES cut faster and are easier to control
When they are moving slowly. If you go fast, they just slide over the
Blade and do not cut
6. Clean the STONE and wipe the knife blade off every one or two
Passes (with the STONE ARM off to the side, so the water runs away
From the PIVOT). Put just enough water on the 5 TONE to cover the surface. This will float the metal and grit away
Rom the surface. Then wipe the STONE off with a damp terry cloth
Package Included:
1*Storage bag
1*User manual

Professional Knife Sharpener System All New Ruixin Pro Knife Sharpener Tool Kits

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