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Our roads are full of exhaust fumes, dust and small particles of carbon waste from tyres, and various other forms of pollutions, contaminants, and bacterias. Unfortunately we breath in such air every minute without even knowing it, especially when we drive, and unfortunately we spend more and more time in the car these days.

This Ionizer and Air Purifier is a perfect way to tackle this problem in the car, because it generates beneficial negative ions to combat the harmful positive ions caused by static electricity and a polluted environment, removes over 90% airborne pollutants, eliminates smoke and odors, resulting in fresher, purer and cleaner air in the cabin for our lungs!


  • Banishes bad air with the power of ions
  • Pocket size, easy to plug into lighter socket
  • Ion discharges from the top when plugged into the lighter socket
  • Power indicator light
  • Removes odors
  • Plugs instantly into cigarette lighter socket
  • Ideal for cars, taxis, trucks, vans, tractors
  • A must for commuters, professional and long haul drivers
  • No moving parts, fans or filters to replace
  • No wiring or installation required
  • Will not drain vehicle battery 
  • Chemical & maintenance free design
  • Quiet operation - no noise at all
  • Attractive illuminated tip


  • Power source: DC 12V
  • Consumption power: <0.8W
  • Concentration of Ozone: <0.06ppm
  • Concentration of negative Hydronium: 100000 pcs/cm
  • Weight: 30g approx.
  • Dimension: 22x88mm
  • Colour may be different from the photos, randomly picked

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mini Car Ionizer and Air Purifier (random colour)


  • Dispatch in 4-6 working days
  • No pickup
Tags: air fresh

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