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1. It emits bright fluorescence in the dark, allowing players to quickly and accurately locate the ball at night.
2. No battery is needed. Charged by sunlight and flashlight, it automatically absorbs light and glows in dark places.
3. In balls, there are dual fluorescent layer, making them brighter than other balls and giving them a longer light‑emitting time.
4. The inner layer is synthetic rubber and the outer layer is synthetic resins and fluorescent powder, they are no different from ordinary balls in terms of quality and feel.
5. This is the perfect gift for lovers, family, business partners or close friends, they will like it!
Item Type:   Balls
Inner Material: Synthetic Rubber
Outer Material: Synthetic Resins Fluorescent Powder
Product Color: As Pictures Shown
Product Diameter: Approx. 42.67 mm/1.7 in
Product Weight: Approx. 485g
Wind Tunnel: 332pcs
Features: Automatically absorb light and emit light in dark places.
Package List:
8 x   Balls   

8pcs Golfing Luminous Night Floating Balls Supplies For Night Sports

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Last Purchase by: kaylene_gree
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