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Electric foot file, callus remover, waterproof, adjustable, skin removal product m  
 Material: Plastic + frosted stone  
 Size: As shown  
 Model: Electric foot ginghammer  
 1. Different design concepts, using vacuum cleaning system to clean dead skin and dust. Large capacity lithium battery USB charger and dual-purpose plug, powerful double gear  
 3.Quartz sand grinding head sharp, remove callus fast  
 4.Fine brush head has no irritation when grinding feet, and the sides of the grinding head are specially designed with holes. After use, the white front cover can be closed to remove dandruff. It is very practical and easy to use during use. Detachable polishing head, once rinsed, cleaned to prevent the growth of dirt  
 Condition 100% brand new  
 Item type: Electric vertical lime  
 Material: Plastic + frosted stone  
 Function: Microdermabrasion / De-shading / Dandruff suction  
 Steps to remove dead skin:  
1. Soak your feet thoroughly to soften the horns, then dry the feet with water  
2. Install the grinding head and gently grind keratin, move from the front sole to the heel and stay on dry, rough skin for 2-3 seconds (repeat the action)  
 3. Rub moisturizer to moisturize the skin, rub the dead skin and wash the feet with water, and put a sufficient amount of moisturizer on the feet  
 How to use the sharpener:  
1.Green light is one gear, red light is two gear  
2. Press the switch to switch between one and two gears, press and hold for three seconds to turn off  
 First gear: 2 gears turn 1700 revolutions per minute: 2000 revolutions per minute  
 Operation: Green light shows low-speed rotation, red light shows high-speed rotation. The red light shows that you are charging  
 Power mode: Lithium battery  
 Battery capacity: 350mAh  
 Note: 1. Do not immerse the device in water or rinse with low water near the device  
2. Store in a dry place, these measures can reduce the risk of electric shock and damage

Electric foot file, callus remover, waterproof, adjustable

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Last Purchase by: kaylene_gree
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