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High Accuracy: The mini scale built with high precision sensor system. minimum weighing weight 0.006g, maximum weighing 50g, 0.001g precise graduation, which is very accurate.
Precise Measurement: The mini food scale includes all the necessary unit measurements for easy weight translations(6 Units: g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn). it is suitable for powder, gold or anything else.
Multi-Functions Scale: "Tare" function allows you to Zero the Scale before adding additional ingredients, ensuring accurate measurements. For the powder or liquid, the net weight of the component can be measured more accurately. The "PCS" function can provide accurate counting, especially for small granular foods.
Calibration function: If you find any inaccuracies in the scale during the whole use, just use 50g calibration weight and recalibrate according to the calibration method, you can continue to use the scale accurately.
Ultra-clear display: LCD large screen display back orange light, numerical display is clear and easy to read. Transparent protective cover dustproof and windproof can better protect the weighing surface. Small pocket size is easy to store and carry.
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Digital Milligram Scale,50G Portable Mini Scale,0.001G Precise Graduati

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