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The Power Saver directly inserted in the main line,any idle socket (wall socket) can be formed in the whole circuit to start the power-saving.

After connecting the Power Saver,is best not to remove or power off;the longer the product use,the better the effect.

Universal for any meter,and it will save electricity once current flows,the biggest advantage of this product is the indoor plug and play.

Placed in any wall outlet,about 24-48 hours the entire family of current will be fully under control.


Type :  power saver

Color: white

Material : ABS

Size : 11.5*6.5*4cm

Rated voltage: 90-250V

Frequency: 50HZ-60HZ


Product includes: 1pc power saver

30000W Home Smart Energy Power Saver Device Electricity Saving Box Save Elec Lw

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