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 -100% Brand New
- Size: XL
- Color: Green Black
- High quality 68% nylon and 32% spandex, exquisite design technology, adopt unique to protect the stability of leg and knee muscles
-3D weaving technology, soft, high elastic,breathable to prevent leg muscle strain.
The soft fabric spandex is bibulous and good breathable, protecting the leg and knee from pulling during indoor and outdoor activities such as running, basketball, football, cycling and golf.
Can be adjustable,360 degrees sport protective,pressure bandage,double pressure.
Features: Soft, double pressure, breathable, high elasticity
- Supports movement of the knee and prevents its overuse during strenuous exercise
- Alleviates the effects of overuse and high impact activity, strains of the knee, knee swelling, tendinitis of the knee, jumper's
  knee and runner's knee
- Made of a fine mesh knit that focuses on breathability and durability necessary for athletes
- Machine washable
- The Bumper Compression Knee Brace is designed for sports. The knee support exerts a beneficial massaging action with  gentle compression during movement, thus improving the sensory motor function of the entire joint. Its airy knitted fabric is both durable and especially lightweight, fits perfectly, and stays in  position securely. A useful knee stabilizer ideal for various sports.
Please read the description and size specification carefully before buy this product.
Package: 2 Pcs Knee Brace (XL)

2 Pcs Weaving 3D Knee Brace Support Breathable Sleeve Sports Jogging Joint Pain XL

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Last Purchase by: dbscua
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