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 First, there is an ABS material handle which can easy to carry the storage container to anywhere and the handle is hard and durable.
Second, there is an ABS buckle that can be fastened to the box, which can store the items better and items cannot fall out easily, and can also be protected against moisture and dust well.
Third, the lid of the storage container has a silicone ring which can become double-protected to the storage box with the buckle, so that the items will not fall out and it can be protected against moisture and dust well.
Fourth, there is a pp rope that can be adjusted in length and can easily lift the storage box. Last, there are four dust plugs at the bottom. These details show that this is a very good storage box for storing food or items that are afraid of moisture. There are two sizes can be chosen, 29*22.7*18.6cm and 20*17*19cm. This storage box also has a beautiful box that can be packaged, so it is a good gift for people or as a lucky draw gift.

Durable Plastic Storage Container is Used to Hold foods Storage Box

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