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【Wearable and Hands-Free】--Wearable breast pump fits in your bra, can free your hands, electric breast pump is lightweight to wear inside your bra, can use double portable breast pump to suck two breast’s milk at the same time, make it possible to pump at home, at work or on-the-go or travelling, hands-free anywhere, get more sleeping time for mom. Wearable Breast Pump for Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving,Valentine's Day gifts!
【3 Modes 16 Suction Levels Adjustable】--Huayuet breastfeeding pump has 3 modes (automatic expression indicator, massage indicator, expression indicator) and 16 different suction levels, easily touch the screen to adjust the breast pump level,help to get more milk and gives new mom more choice and comfort. The wireless breast pump built-in intelligent memory chip will remember your last used settings automatically.
【Safe Material BPA Free】--All breast pump parts are made from food grade silicone and PP ( BPA FREE), ensures safe breastfeeding for your babies. After you have expressed your milk, take off the pump motor from the milk collector, Store expressed milk in cleaned and sterilized bottles fitted with sealing discs. Put them in the fridge or freezer immediately.
【35dB Super Quiet and Rechargeable】-- Pump in peace anytime anywhere, with solid material, the noise of motor is controlled 35dB. We know that your baby needs an uninterrupted, good night’s sleep. With this rechargeable breast pump, you can charge it easily by power bank, computer or other device anywhere you want.
【Easy to Clean and Assemble】--Quick to assemble, easy to clean, no cords. This wearable electric breast pump is easy to clean and only three steps assembling. This design also protects Brest milk from infection and keeps it fresh. Health and safety guaranteed. All silicone parts can be cleaned with boiled water, steam,except the pump motor and special part.
【NOTE: about pump host charge issue】--When plug it in, there will be battery light flashing, charge for 2.5h, after fully charged, the electric breast pump can be used for 1.5 hours (used 3-6 times). This electric hand free breast pump will TURN OFF AUTOMATICALLY after use for 20 MINUTES,because long time sucking may cause breast injury. Please take a break after 20 minutes. With this rechargeable breast pump, you can charge it easily by power bank, computer or other device anywhere you want.
【NOTE: about pumping】-- Please make sure the there is no water or milk in the double tube, the pump will stop to work if there is water in tube.

Huayuet Wearable Breast Pump Hands Free Double Portable Breast Pumps 16 Levels Suction Breastfeeding

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