Applicable to 12-48V car, ship, yacht, ship, motorcycle, motorhome, trailer, bus, bus, and other vehicle tools and industrial equipment.
Durable performance - Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon base ensures great mechanical strength and durabilit
Heavy terminal studs - Allow terminating of heavy-duty cables for or more connections Heavy-duty studs allowing up to 150 amps (rating determined by wires).
Installation method - surface screw fixed installation Lifetime Cable Crimp Warranty Lifetime Fuse Holder Warranty
Easy to use - Red and Black color allowing easy and clear color coding for wiring
Material: Alloy
Product name:Bus Bar Power Terminal Blocks Negative
Color:Black Red
Feature: High quality stainless steel,durable and never be stained. Built under strict quality control standards,prior to leave the factory without testing
Package Includes:
2x Bus Bar Power Terminal Blocks Negative M6 M8 Positive Power Distribution Studs Accessories

2pcs Terminal Blocks Power Distribution Bolts M6 Negative Red Black

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