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The smooth and light body is comfortable and easy to hold by hands.
Equipped with 4 changeable beauty heads, which can offer different functions to clean different parts on face.
Vacuum function cleans dirty pores through suction and increases blood circulation in the skin.
Rechargeable design for machine extension use, USB charging offers more convenient use anytime anywhere.
6 advantages make it more attractive and practical: blackhead removal, pimple reducing, skin firming and lifting, cutin improving, fine lines diluting, grease removal.
Material: ABS
Powered Way: USB Charging
Color: White
Item Type: Blackhead Suction Removal
Function: Leading out and removing blackhead, acne, mites, dirt etc
Powered Way: USB Charging(USB Cable included) / Battery(AA battery, not included)
Instruction of Different Heads:
Diamond Head: With more than 100 thousands natural mineral microcrystalline particles and high absorption, it can scrub and exfoliate the dead skin, and suck it out, so to repair skin and remove wrinkle and acne without hurting skin.
Big Circular Hole Head: With strong suction, it can remove blackhead effectively, reducing grease and cleansing dirt. Can be applied to blackheads and V face.
Small Circular Hole Head: Suction is weak, which can be used to remove blackhead and acne at the sensitive area.
Oval Hole Head: Firming skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, removing blackhead, acne and fine lines. Can be used on canthus, the corner of mouth.
Package Included:
1 x Main Device
1 x Big Circular Hole Head
1 x Small Circular Hole Head
1 x Oval Hole Head
1 x Diamond Head
1 x Pack of Sponges and Silica Gel Rings
1 x USB Charging Wire
1 x Box

Facial Skin Care Pore Blackhead Remover Cleaner+ USB Charge Vacuum Acne Cleanser

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Last Purchase by: dbscua
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