Color:Black / Green,sent randomly
1. Tightness Adjustable: Waist elastic design, hook and loop fasteners, tightness can be easily adjusted, tensile resistance, not easy to deform.
2. Waterproof Design: Waterproof fabric for preventing urine leakage, and it needs to be used with urine pad or disposable diaper.
3. Diaper Insertion Pocket Design: The absorbent urine pad can be placed inside, the pad will not fall out when the adult moves.
4. Easy To Wear: Leg elastic closing design, prevent urine side leakage. Easy to use, putting on and taking off is exactly the same as disposable diapers.
5. Great Fabric: Soft and skin friendly, washable and reusable, comfortable to wear. Light weight and portable, suitable for home and travel use.
Item Type: Cloth Diaper
Material: Cloth
Disposable Diaper: Without Disposable Diaper (need to be used with diapers)
Suitable for the age of the crowd: adults, elderly
Applicable People: The elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and other adults with inconvenient mobility.
Applicable Waist Circumference: Approx. 30x30cm
1. Plain color cloth, very comfortable, reusable, repeated washing, durable.
2. Waterproof, no side leakage.
3. Soft design on the legs and additional elastic on the back for a more comfortable fit.
4. High waist, adjustable size.
5. Easy to use (putting on and taking off is exactly the same as disposable diapers), super soft and comfortable, and dry quickly.
6. Breathable, long term use without diaper rash, good for health; recycle use to protect the environment.
Package List:
1 x Adult Cloth Diaper
Disposable Diaper: No Disposable Diaper (need to be used with diapers)
1. Cloth diapers are used to fix nano urine pads or disposable diapers. They have no water absorption function but only waterproof function. They need to be used with water absorption accessories.
2. The back end of the urine pad or disposable diaper should be placed in the lining cloth and not exposed, so that it is easier to play the function of the lining cloth to quickly penetrate urine and keep it dry.
3. The diaper leg stretch belt must be close to the user's leg, otherwise when the user turns over or moves, it will cause urine to leak sideways and wet the clothes or bed sheets.
4. It is necessary to change the urine pad or disposable diaper in time, and the change interval should consider the water absorption of the accessory and the urine volume of the user.
How To Use
First Step:
Unfold the cloth diaper, put the nano pad or other diaper into the pocket and spread it flat.
Second Step:
The user adopts a side lying position, spreads the diaper with the changing pad/pad and places it on the bed behind the user near the buttocks. When the user turns over to lie down, the diaper is placed under the user's buttocks.
Third Step:
Pull the front waist of the diaper to the user's belly button, and buckle the hook and loop fasteners on the left and right sides of the back waist (note that you should first buckle the left side hook and loop fasteners of the back waist to the front waist and then buckle the right side hook and loop fasteners of the back waist to the left hook and loop fasteners) , According to the waist size of the user, the tightness of the hook and loop fasteners can be adjusted appropriately.

Soft Elderly Washable Adult Cloth Diapers Nappies Anti-Leakage Nappy Diaper

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