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Features: 1.The painting stencil comes with 11 pieces, including sunflower, dragonfly, butterfly patterns design, etc, which can add some nature elements to your home decoration/ DIY craft/ scrapbooking.2.The sunflower theme stencils are made of high quality eco-friendly PET, flexible and safe, reusable, durable and washable, non-toix, safety to you and your kids.3.With size of 21x28cm/ 8.4x11.2inch, the reusable sunflower stencils are ideal for scrapbooking drawing, house embellishment, making a pretty addition to your home.4.The sunflower painting stencils are available for for most pen, small brushes or airbrush, acrylic paints, chalk paint, sponge brush, spray paint, painting, etc.5.Easy to use and wide applicationce. Easy to paint on most smooth surface, including wood sign, wall, glass, floor, paper, blank canvas, gift bags, etc. Ideal for DIY all kinds of craft such as hand-made cards, handbag, gift box,etc.

11Pcs Sunflower Bee Butterfly Stencils Template Spring Theme Painting Stencils

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