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Allows precise delivery of clean, dry air. Adjustable pressure control knob locks the desired setting in place.
Helps filter liquid and foreign particles from the compressed air line.
With the advantages of stable pressure, high precision and fast reaction. The filter adopts a new vane design with high splitting efficiency and differential pressure discharge device.
Automatic water discharge. The regulating valve adopts a balanced inlet structure. Widely used for pneumatic tools and components.
The small brass element filters water and other contaminants into a removable catch bowl. Minimizes air pulsations and pressure imbalances from piston style compressors.
AFR-2000 plasma air filter pressure regulator, pressure reducing valve
Use for CUT LGK plasma cutting machine air pressure regulator switch
Copper filter for oil and water filtration
Additional M8 pagoda-Shape Connector and Gauge
Voltage Testing Range: 0-1MPA 0-10kgf/c㎡
Filter Element: copper
Package Includes:
1 piece air pressure regulator

Unit Preparation AFR Filter Series Regulator AFR1500 1/8 "AFR2000 1/4" AFR15001 AFR20001

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Last Purchase by: Jwarren552
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