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The best panoramic photos with 4K Ultra Zoom at incredible distances
Ultra Zoom is the new magnifying lens for the cameras of smartphones and tablets, which will allow you to take photos with HD quality at up to X300 increases. This will allow you to get sharp and detailed photos from a long distance.
Maximum details in your photos with the Ultra Zoom smartphone lens
Thanks to the Ultra Zoom wide-angle lens for smartphones, you will be able to obtain photos with maximum detail at great distances and in 4K quality. In addition, you will not have any type of pixelation, since the lens makes a natural enlargement of the images, so all the definitions of the photos will be natural.
Highly stable tripod to accompany the Ultra Zoom smartphone lens
The Ultra Zoom smartphone lens comes with an included tripod that will allow you to take photos with total stability and from any angle, as well as at the right moment thanks to the timer.
In addition to this, it is compatible with phones and tablets of any size, both the lens and the tripod are adjustable in dimensions allowing its use with all devices.
Main features of the Ultra Zoom smartphone lens
Optical zoom for smartphone cameras with up to X300 magnification.
The lens is fully adjustable to adapt to any distance.
You can get professional quality 4K photos in HD
It also has a folding and adjustable tripod up to 90cm.
It adapts to the camera of all mobiles and tablets, regardless of the size of the device.
The lens comes with a protective cap to store it safely.
The lens is anti-scratch and resistant to dust and water.
The tripod is made of resistant materials and is also resistant to water and dust.
It is recommended to clean the zoom lens periodically with a cloth dampened with glass cleaner.
It can also be used as a zoom for digital cameras depending on the review of each manufacturer and the compatibility of the support.
If you use it on a drone with good stability, you can get incredible photos from the heights.
The new version has more power than the ZoomShot Pro mobile lens and gets better photos.
Ideal for taking pictures of dangerous animals or risk areas without any danger and from a distance of security.
Works well in rain and snow, and even quality images can be obtained in light fog.
You can use the Ultra Zoom wide-angle lens to record videos from remote areas without losing resolution and obtain 4K quality.
Like all mechanical zoom lenses, it does not require maintenance or technical knowledge for handling and maintenance.
The price of the Zoom Ultra for standard use for mobiles and tablets is much lower than most products in its category.
For photography lovers, it is advisable to bring a good file storage system such as PhotoStick Mobile to enjoy everything you want to photograph and record.
You can get diffuse lighting effects with the indirect light of the Olumiring light ring.

Ultra Zoom 4k HD Mobile telescope 300X Optical zoom (Brand new and Sealed)

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