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Describe An excellent massage for tense muscles and promotes post-exercise muscle recovery. Be careful not to heat Size: 19 x8x5cm 1. Professional facials: Ease morning puffiness and narrow pores before applying makeup to make you feel better all day long; Improve the effect of preventing wrinkle formation, anti-aging, giving a healthy complexion. 2. Instant treatment of fatigue symptoms: effectively eliminate edema, insomnia at night or dark circles under the eyes after staying up late; Just roll for 10-15 minutes for instant treatment, rejuvenating, refreshing and youthful skin. It lasts long and is necessary every morning. 3. Removable and convenient hand-held device: easy to install and disassemble; Refrigerate for 10-15 minutes before use; Use ice rollers instead of ice buckets. Watch TV, read a newspaper and drink coffee tomorrow Emergency treatment multifunctional application: Soothes and softens skin after sunburn, shaving or insect bites. Essential tools for families to cope with emergencies.

Facial massage roller cold gel ice roller

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