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Stronger than a hiking boot. Softer than a slipper.
Some shoes protect your feet. Other shoes pamper them. Only one does both! Meet the all-new Hypersoft Sneakers. Made especially for women's feet with a patented three-way Orthotic Arch Support System that makes every step comfortable and powerful.
Protect and Pamper. Made for women's feet, with a moulded rubber outsole with soft heel air-cushion distributes pressure for softer, pain-free walking.
 Lace-Free. The soft, weave-knit fabric wraps around your foot without needing laces.
 Light & Easy. Rely on the durable, air-cushioned outsole with premium non-slip rubber for all-day walking.
Animal Friendly. Sustainably produced using only vegan materials, no animal products are ever used in our shoes.
Silky soft, breezy walking.
Experience indulgent comfort, a cheeky height boost, and stable bounce on from heel to toe.
Maintain great grip with the anti-slip moulded outsole, even on tough terrain.
Forget you’re wearing them, even after being on your feet all day.
Start your journey to joyful feet here.
Take your first steps in the weave-knit fabric, as the shoes conform to your shape.
Over time, you will only feel the shoes become more and more comfortable as the relationship between you and your new Hypersofts begins to blossom.
Plenty of research has gone into how we can better protect our feet against the pace of our modern lives.
A study by The National Center for Biotechnology Information in America [I] found that in women, compared to average shoes, those who wore good shoes in the past were 67% less likely to report foot pain.
Moulded rubber outsole for grip
Weave knit upper for breathability
Visible air-cushioned sole for softer steps
1.96" (5cm) heel heigh boost

(Purple) Size 40 Hypersoft Sneakers

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Last Purchase by: Jwarren552
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