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19 Inch EXTREME Series LED Light Bar The Brightest 19" LED Light Bar on the Market Today. By far, our second-generation extreme series led light bars are the brightest compact led light bars on the market today. They now use less power and produce a broader and longer projection of light. If you are looking for a light bar to put on your bull bar, and want as much light as possible out to the sides of the vehicle and out into the distance, nothing I have seen this year comes close in producing the most area of light than our Extreme Series GEN2 LED Light Bars. The 19" Extreme Series Light Bars are Perfect for Bull Bars. The GEN2 Triple Row Extreme Series lightbars come with base mounts on a slide rail for easily adjusting to existing mounting holes on your bull bar or they can also be hung upside down and mounted with bar clamps if you prefer. The new GEN2 Extreme Series are versatile and easy to fit no matter where you want to put them. Compact and Easy-to-Fit, the 19 Inch GEN2 LED Bar Lights are Versatile & Powerful. The GEN2 Extreme Series is a versatile light bar as they have base mounts on a slide rail for easily positioning to pre-existing bull bar holes. The compact design of the GEN2, (only 80mm high and 65mm deep), gives you plenty of leeway for small bars or tight fits, and the lightweight aluminium housing will allow you to not have to worry about the light being too heavy for some applications. When choosing a smaller sized light bar, you want to make sure you get a maximum area of light, and the GEN2 Triple Row fit the bill perfectly. The Latest in Optical Engineering. The GEN2 now use less power and produce more light. This is to do with the latest in optical engineering, the best custom made led's, and high-efficiency electronics. Each high-intensity custom designed led chip is seated within a precision-engineered optical lens that also utilizes a finely tuned reflector to give you the most amount of light where you need it the most. With so many light bars on the market today, the triple row is not a copy, but a genuine professional grade light bar that we have chosen and we back with a 5yr Australian warranty. Call us for free advice about fitting led lightbars to your Car, Truck, Motorcycle or Quad bike. We have the expertise and solutions to give you the right led light at the right price. A quick breakdown of the key features of the 19" Extreme Series GEN2 LED Light Bars. Better Light Area – 180 Degree Beam Angle. Combination Beam (Distance+Width). The Latest Custom made High intensity LED Chips. Wider Voltage Parameters: 9-60V, Suitable for cars, trucks, and machinery. Weather Protection. IP67 for complete dust and waterproofing to up to a metre of water. Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate Lens. Radio Frequency Noise Free, EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility). UV Radiation Protection: For lens and reflector protection against discolouration and warping. Heavy Duty but Lightweight Brackets for Harsh Environments. Instantaneous to full illumination.

EXTREME Series 19 Inch LED Light Bar. Nothing Brighter

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