Olaplex Traveling Stylist is a preventive and reconstructive treatment for damaged and weak hair subjected to chemical treatments, coloring and heat tools such as irons and dryers. Formed by: 1 unit of Step No. 1 Bond Multiplier 100 ml. 2 units from step No. 2 Bond Perfector 100 ml. 1 dispenser to facilitate its application. This kit is valid for performing between 8 and 10 treatment applications. Characteristics: Formulated with Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which is a patented substance that repairs hair fiber damaged during coloring or bleaching processes. It can be used on chemically treated hair, as straightened or permanent. Better and longer-lasting coloring results are achieved. No silicones, sulfates or phthalates, no DEA, aldehydes or gluten. How to use: In the process of coloring, bleaching or tinting, add Bond Multiplier No. 1 directly to the mix. Wash the dye and then apply the Bond Perfector No. 2 product to the hair. The method of use is different depending on what you want to use it for. It can be used alone as a restorative treatment, or it can be mixed with dye, bleach, or other chemicals to reduce hair damage. We are not responsible for the misuse by the customer of the products sold. It is very important, before using any product, to read the instructions contained in the package for a correct application. 

Olaplex Traveling Sylist Kit Pack 4 Pieces 100 ml

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