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Being made from sturdy TPR material that scrubs stiffer than ordinary brushes but lasts longer. This toilet brush head never wears out or changes its shape, can clean deeply into corners and other hard-to-reach places, intense clean without scratch the glaze, stays completely clean. COMFORTABLE AND COMPACT DESIGN:Designed with ergonomic non-slip handle is comfortable to grip, and unique center of gravity design make base no turning over and falling ERGONOMIC HANDLE:Made of PP, the sewage can't enter the toilet brush handle when you your ceramic tile because the handle can be assembled entirely without gaps TOILET BRUSH HOLDER:Built-in a hollowed-out breathable base that can catch excess water or sewage, the ventilation slots in the drip tray allow water to evaporate quickly, and no water accumulates underneath, drying quickly and keeping them sanitary more effectively NEWEST TPR MATERIAL BRISTLES:With soft TPR bristles, the toilet brush scrubs and removes debris in the toilet bowl easily and does not make it invisible, micro scratches

Black White Toilet Brush With Holder Non Slip Handle With Comfortable Grip

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Last Purchase by: Jwarren552
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