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About this item  
 Eyeshadow Palette 18 colors, 18 unique colors, it has a matte and sparkling effect, waterproof and durable, one box can solve all your eyeshadows, small size, easy to carry  
 Quality formula is made, very suitable for helping you easily create wonderful eyeshadow, small size, easy to carry. A thin and smooth texture with a long-lasting shimmer factor that allows you to shine with a dazzling beautiful luster in a party movement  
 This hue-rich palette features 18 versatile shades that can be infinitely layered to create a wide range of looks with a single palette. From subtle and natural looks to dramatic personalities and bold sparkling looks, this palette will be a new must-have for all your makeup routines.  
 Widely used glitter eyeshadow: High quality makeup, easy to use, suitable for personal and professional salon use. Smooth and delicate texture, bold and diverse durable colors, ideal for casual charm, wedding or party makeup and other festivals and events. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients and the latest ultra-micronized, luxuriously pigmented waterproof eyeshadow cream formula. Eyeshadow is thin and smooth, easy to color and use  
 Packing: 1PC x Eyeshadow Disc  
 Eyeshadow 18 matte colors;  
 After testing, we found that no matter how carefully we packed, about 3-5% of powdered cosmetics, such as eye shadow, will be damaged during a long international shipping process. Here's a handy trick to transform damaged powdered cosmetics into new ones. If your eyeshadow is broken, you can try these steps and it will recover.  
1: Squeeze the fragments of powdered eyeshadow.  
2: Add more than 75% alcohol and bake it into a paste, not too diluted.   
 3: Put the paste-like eyeshadow into the container, then shake the container until its surface is smoother and can be covered with the lower end of the container.   
4: Using a clean cloth or gauze, press eysshadow with a hard object (such as a coin) and leave it until you can no longer smell the smell of alcohol.

#02 Eyeshadow palette 18 colors shimmering matte waterproof durable smoky color

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Last Purchase by: warren.golds
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