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TSV LCD Writing Tablet (Two color choices of Pink & Blue) is a 12/8.5 Inch Digital Handwriting Drawing Pad made of high-strength & high-quality LCD Screen ABS material, with the characteristics of portable, durable, stylish, and easy to operate. It can be used as an essential learning tool for children (Can be used for writing, graffiti, smearing, arithmetic, drawing), to help release children's imagination and fall in love with learning. In terms of product details, the first thing to mention is its eye protection function and safety. This Colorful Screen Doodle and Scribbler Board for Kids uses the latest pressure-sensitive LCD screen (tested, the screen is completely safe and non-radiation), which ensures it is child-friendly (the graffiti board and all accessories are non-toxic, even if you use it for a long time, you will not feel tired). At the same time, this 12/8.5-inch LCD writing and drawing board are also very easy to operate ( Erase button: Can erase all content with one key. Keylock button: Can effectively prevent accidental operation). In addition, this Electronic Drawing Writing Pad also has environmentally friendly and durable features (waterproof and drop-proof, durable, can write and erase 120,000 times, up to 12,000 sheets of paper can be saved, which is equivalent to 2 trees). All in all, TSV LCD Writing Tablet is very practical and safe (lightweight, convenient to put in travel bags and school bags, so that children can play anywhere, suitable for Including travel, living room, home, office, car, airplane, outdoor and many other occasions). You can use it as the best choice for children's birthday, Christmas, and holiday gifts. They will give you bring great feedback, and you won't regret choosing it.
12/8.5'' LCD Educational Toys for Kids: As an essential preschool learning tool, can be used for writing, graffiti, smearing, arithmetic, etc.
Eye Protection: Latest pressure-sensitive technology LCD screen, even if you use it for a long time, you will not feel tired
Safe & non-radiation: After testing, this graffiti board and all accessories are non-toxic and safe for boys and girls
Easy to operate: Uses pressure-sensitive technology, which can draw colorful lines with a stylus or any other hard material
Erase & key lock button: Can erase all content instantly, while the key lock effectively prevents accidental clearing until unlock it
Environment-Friendly And Durable: Can write and erase 120,000 times, saving up to 12,0000pcs of paper (about 2 trees)
Low power consumption: A CR2025 button cell provides up to 12 months of battery life and can be easily replaced
Lightweight And Portable: Made of high-quality plastic material, which is waterproof, anti-fall, accidental falling and liquid pouring
Timeless gift: Best choice for children's birthday, christmas and festival gifts to help them release imagination
Suitable for: Multiple occasions, travel, living room, home, office, car, airplane, outdoor, and more
Color: Pink 
Size: 12 inches
Package includes: 1 x 12in LCD Writing Drawing Tablet
It is recommended to use it under the light because brighter light brings brighter colors
Portable; Practical; Easy to use; Easy to clean; Kids-friendly; Gift

12" LCD Writing Tablet Drawing Board Colorful Doodle Handwriting Pad OZOpen

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