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smile Last Purchase by: samjarrod194
This stock was so popular (for a good reason!) a couple of weeks ago it sold out quickly, and enquiries still keep coming in...so we have endevoured to obtain a small quantity of similar stock to meet your demand. 
Valued at $1299 RRP brand new (most shops are selling it for $700 ~ $999), these as new and factory reviewed full HD LCD monitors have passed thorough and strict tests in the factory. They even carry a 12-month warrany, so you can purchase with confidence and peace of mind!

Please note, it is possible that these monitors MIGHT contain 1 or 2 bright dots (dead pixels -- no more than 2!). But when you think about it, even if it did have a couple of dead pixels (you may not be able to see them in most cases anyway!), who cares if that translates into $200~$300 worth of savings in your pocket?! And don't forget, it comes with 12 months of factory warranty!

But You Must Hurry, Stock Strictly Limited! An Early Sell-Out Is Expected!

It's not just a monitor, it's viewing experience like nothing else! And as always, you can expect the unexpected from Ozstock! Now, can you find a better deal?!

Link to endless possibilities of future audio-visual! The ViewSonic VX2835wm 28?multimedia LCD display comes with a golden aspect ratio of 16:10, ultra-fast 3ms video response, and proprietary display technology. It is setting the new standards for digital aestheticism. The full 28" screen with high 1920x1200 resolution allows for broader viewing and enhances productivity because it lets you work in two applications side by side without toggling. The ultra-fast 3ms video response time ensures true performance with smooth display for watching movies or playing video games. Combined, these features enable digital HD broadcast-quality full motion video so that you can be one of the first to experience high definition television! VX2835wm also features 3D deinterlacing technology which is able to provide superior picture quality through precision 3D interlacing, color processing and advanced scaling for smoother, sharper full-motion video with incredibly rich color. In addition, VX2835wm provides multifunctional inputs to support a variety of digital content, including VGA, HDMI, composite, S-Video, component interface. The elegantly streamlined design with built-in, high-quality multimedia speakers creates an evolutionary media center. The VX2835wm multimedia LCD displays is the best in audio-visual experience!

Hint: Use it as a HD TV (Full HD!) if you have a HD set top box.

Check Viewsonic's official website here

Compare prices of brand new machines here


  • ClearMotiv(R) II technology: Human vision allows images shown at 24 frames per second (fps) to be perceived as smooth motion video. ClearMotiv?fast video-response technology allows frame rate up to 333fps for true broadcast quality full-motion video.
  • OptiColor(R) true color technology: The 7 presets can be easily accessed monitor color settings depending on the displayed content via shortcut keys.
  • Multifunction LCD with OptiSync(R) digital / analog inputs: The digital HDMI input gives you the best possible connection to HD signals for movies, video and games. Multi-mode input technology supports both digital (HDMI or DVI) and analog (VGA) signals.
  • Bezel-integrated stereo speakers: The two 3-watt built-in audio speakers provide superior audio quality for all multimedia applications while reducing desktop space required by separate speakers.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Refurbished Viewsonic VX2835wm 28" Wide Multimedia LCD Monitor
  • 1 x Original accessories (including manual, CD, VGA cable, HDMI cable, AV cable, Power cable)

1-Year limited warranty by manufacturer (dead pixels of 2 or less not covered)

In stock, immediate dispatch or pickup!

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