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RRP $45.00
(including GST)

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  • 1 x Prenatal heart listener.

  • 1 x Headphone

  • 1 x Fetal microphone

  • 1 x Fetal speakers.

  • 1 x Recording cable.

         (Actual colour may be different to that shown in picture)



  • Listen, talk and play music to your unborn baby.

  • It's completely safe (No AC current, ultrasound, or radio waves used), bond with your baby.

  • Portable, lightweight, one hand operation.

  • Press-to-on and release-to-off activation button.

  • Volume control.

  • Power indicator.

  • Compact size for easy storage.

  • ClearHeart [TM] technology enhances sound clarity and eliminates static so you can hear your baby's sounds clearly and as early as possible.


  • Listen to the sounds of your unborn baby's heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups and as early as the fifth month. The prenatal heart listener...

  1. Is completely safe.
  2. Lets you record your baby's sounds.
  3. Lets you record your own heartbeat to soothe your newborn baby.


  • Studies show that newborn babies can recognize voice heard while in the womb. The fetal microphone and speakers amplify voices so you can...

  1. Help your baby recognize your voice.
  2. Bring the parents closer to their baby.
  3. Talk and read to your unborn baby.
  4. Stimulate your unborn baby.
  5. Let siblings bond with the baby.


  • Research shows that playing classical music to your unborn baby enhances the baby's overall development. Play music to your unborn baby with the fetal speakers...

  1. Stimulates your baby.
  2. Helps improve your baby's visual, linguistic, and motor development.
  3. Helps your child learn more easily.
  4. Helps your child have a higher IQ.

----Operating Cautions:

  • Colours specifications and contents may vary from those illustrated. Instruction leaflet contained inside pack.

  • Read instructions carefully befor use!

  • Use 1*"9V" (MN 1604 / 6L R61) size alkaline battery to operate the prenatal heart listener (Battery is not included).

  • Use 1*"1.5V" (AAA / MN 2400 / LR03) size alkaline battery to operate the fetal microphone (Battery is not included).

  • Do not use rechargeable battery.

  • Non-rechargeable battery is not to be recharged.

  • Only battery of the same or equivalent type as recommanded are to be used.

  • Exhausted battery are to be removed from the product.

  • Please ask an adult to change the battery.

  • The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.

  • Do not immerse the unit in water.

  • Packing has to be kept since it contains important information.

  • This is not a toy!

  • This Is Not A Medical Device and should not be used or relied upon in any way for diagnostic or other medical purposes. Usage of this device must be strictly in accordance with the instructions outlined in the user manual included.


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