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Scratcher is made from easy to clean, very strong but flexible polypropylene plastic. Color: Green.The perfect duo, this Shoehorn and Back Scratcher Combo easily relieves annoying itches in hard to reach places and makes getting into shoes a breeze without hurting fingers. Add mosquito repellant to a cloth, wrap it around the back scratcher 'fingers' and apply it to your back and lower legs.
While sitting in a chair we use the length of this tool to scoot our shoes from under the bed and slip them on without bending over. My back likes this tool. And, when it gets itchy in the winter the flexible 5 finger back scratcher reaches places my fingers can’t reach. Back Scratcher: Gets to those itchy shoulder areas we can’t reach.
There are few sensations more irritating than having your back itch in a spot you can't quite reach; a good back scratcher is your best choice for getting relief to those troublesome itchy spots. You can experience the satisfaction of finally getting it scratched "just right" when you do reach it.
Some back scratchers bend, twist, have too narrow a scratching edge, are too short or don't give you enough leverage to bear down and scratch effectively. At 19 inches long, and strong with five flexible (not flimsy) fingers, this backscratcher doesn’t have those problems.

Back Scratcher Shoe Horn Extra Long Strong Combo Flexible Body Massager - Green

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