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Just a reminder, fantastic Wireless Multifunction Colour Inkjet Printer has just landed!  Will take off (65%) on Monday!  Strictly limited seats!  So set your clock, do not miss the flight!

It may not be the greatest invention of the century, but sometimes when you shuffle a few ordinary ideas together, it just works. 

For example, wouldn't it be nice if a laptop stand has a lamp so that I can turn off my ceiling light to upscale my TV viewing experience while still able to compute?  And wouldn't it be even nicer if I don't have to get up frequently to get that damn drink?  Yeah, while I've got you thinking hard, I know laptop is supposed to be lap-top, but I prefer something soft and comfy between my laptop and my lap.  Oh, I could use a pen sometimes, where am I going to put it?

Not too much to ask I hope?

Also, FREE Ozstock Day tomorrow!  Don't miss out!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sit in your favorite place and work anywhere around your home or office comfortably
  • Drink holder
  • 2" (5.5cm approx.) padded cushion for extra comfaort when using your laptop
  • Goose neck flexible 12" (23cm approx.) LED lamp
  • On/Off switch for lamp
  • Accommodates most laptop sizes
  • Can be used as a normal laptop riser/stand, beans inside cushion can be shaped easily
  • Can be used as a portable handy writing tray/desk
  • Comes with a carry handle
  • Ideal for multitaskers who do laptoping and TV watching at the same time


  • Tray table size: 13" x 17"(44cm x 34cm approximately)
  • LED lamp operates on 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Cushioned Laptop Tray with Lamp and Drink/Pen Holders


  • 3 months


  • In stock, immediate dispatch or pickup!


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Cushioned Laptop Tray with LED Lamp and Drink/Pen Holders

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