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2 FREE Ozstock Day's in a roll again!

You will get one 4-way indoor TV signal splitter and one TV Game switch for FREE (as usual, you pay for the p&h, we will handle the rest).

The splitter is used to direct TV/FM signals to 4 outlets/locations, ideal for multiple TV's, and suitable for analogue and digital TV including HDTV.

The games/TV switch, as the name suggests, allows you to conveniently share one TV between video games and normal TV signal input.

Stock strictly limited, hurry to avoid disappointment!

Features & Specifications:

4 Way Indoor TV Antenna Splitter
  • 4-way splitter supports up to 4 outlets (1 in and 4 outs)
  • Ideal for multiple TV's or FM Radio's
  • Suitable for analogue and digital TV including HDTV
  • For indoor use
  • 5-890MHz
TV/Games Switch
  • Perfect to interconnect TV antenna and Video Games into a TV set
  • Switch allows either Video Games or TV signal to appear on one TV screen
  • Cable length: 50cm approx.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4-way indoor TV antenna splitter
  • 1 x TV/Games Switch


  • Immediate dispatch!

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FREE Ozstock Day II:4-Way Indoor TV Antenna Signal Splitter for UHF/VHF/Digital/HDTV+TV Games Switch

RRP $17.00
(including GST)
+ shipping click here
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