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Take your favourite music with you and play it through your car stereo wherever you go!

This is a multi-function FM modulator/MP3 player that has all the sought after features built in. It's not only a FM modulator, it is also a MP3 player, which means you can simply stick in an USB flash drive that contains MP3 files and play it through the car radio. It also accepts MMC/SD cards as the music source. A built-in line-in jack means you can also play music from your favourite iPod or other MP3 players and still control your music the way you want. It even comes with a remote control!

(Different colours: red, blue, yellow, black, grey, or unspecified, randomly picked)


  • Car cigar socket power supply (12V or 24V DC power)
  • Fully adjustable joint
  • Memory functions of song, volume and frequency
  • Support Mp3 (Or WMA) music playing
  • Works with USB Flash Drives/MMC/SD Cards or MP3 players
  • Turns Your USB Flash Drive/MMC/SD Card Into A MP3 Player
  • Take Your Digital Music With You In Your Car
  • And No, You Do NOT Need To Have A MP3 Player, Just An USB Flash Drive/MMC/SD
  • Built-in FM transmitter.
  • USB/MMC/SD/line-in interface.
  • Plays all your audio devices (MP3, CD, DVD player, compatible USB HDD or other audio sources) wirelessly through your car stereo system
  • Plays MP3 files from the USB flash disk/MMC/SD card directly and broadcast through the car FM tuner.
  • Plays other audio devices (such as MP3 players) via standard mini stereo input (cable supplied)
  • Four functional keys : Play/Pause, Prev/V-, Next/V+, CH + and CH-.
  • Uses car cigarette outlet power supply (DC 12V).
  • LCD display of frequency/Track No. and name of song
  • Comes with remote control
  • Suits 12V/24V
  • Infrared remote control


  • MMC/SD card, USB, Line-in
  • 206 FM channels
  • Volume control
  • Different colours: red, blue, yellow, black, grey, or unspecified, randomly picked

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Mp3 Wireless FM modulator
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Audio cable

(Different colours: red, blue, yellow, black, grey, or unspecified, randomly picked)


  • 3 months


  • In stock, dispatch or pickup immediately!


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Car MP3 FM Transmitter/Modulator with USB/MMC/SD Slot, Line-in, LCD Display and Remote

RRP $29.99
(including GST)
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