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RRP $49.00
(including GST)

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New innovative product, as seen on TV!

Besides the mattresses & Pillows, The Great Memory Foam can be found also in your shoes now. This Brand New Heel Cushion is made of memory foam. It provides you with extra comfort and long lasting support to protect your heel from the impact of walking and relieves the pressure and reduces heel shock. The tapered shape makes it perfectly fit in almost any shoes. Sold in 1+1 Couple Set.


  • Made of MEMORY FOAM
  • Relieving the pressure on heels
  • 1+1 Couple set: one for ladies, one for men
  • One size fits all

Package Includes:

  • 1+1 Couple Set:
    (each set includes:
    1 pair of Ladies' Heel Cushions & 1 pair of Men's Heel Cushions )

  • 2x double sided adhesive foam

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