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RRP $399.00
(including GST)

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smile Last Purchase by: Garry D

As the name implies, this is not an ordinary set top box, it's a High Definition (HD) digital terrestrial TV Receiver and Recorder, with a generous 160GB Built-in Hard Disk Drive.  And its True Twin Tuner design means you can now record 2 separate channels at the same time, while still able to watch a 3rd recorded one!  

What the name does not imply though is, most of such PVR's with 160GB HDD would cost you more than $350, but here at Ozstock, and Today Only, you can pick one up at an incredible price of $198 (plus shipping)!  Now, that's great value!



  • Brand: Supernet
  • High Definition
  • Fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant
  • MPEG-2 HD/SD decoding (MP@HL/ML), easy conversion between SD programs and HD programs
  • 49MHz-870MHz input frequency, bandwidth 6MHz,7MHz & 8MHz software automatic setting
  • Multi-language menu, auto or manual search function
  • 32 bits true colour On Screen display, easy operation, user friendly menu
  • EPG, LCN, Teletext and Subtitle function
  • Channel sorting & editing function, 1000 programs storage space
  • Dynamic Hi-Fi stereo sound system
  • Software upgrade via serial connection(RS-232)

PVR Function:

  • High Definition Tuners
  • IDE-Type hard disk inside
  • Up to 20 hours of HD Recording, 60 hours SD Recording
  • True Twin HD Tuners -- record 2 different channels while watching a third recorded one all at the same time!
  • Programming recording Timer from the EPG
  • Recording and playback simultaneously
  • True Dual Channel Recording
  • 160GB hard drive built in


  • HDTV (HDMI) Connector
  • CVBS, Audio L/R, YPbPr, VGA Connector
  • S/PDIF Optical Fiber Jack
  • RS-232 Connector

Package Includes:

  • 1 x High-Definition Digital Terrestrial Receiver and true twin tuner PVR
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x RCA Video/Audio Cable
  • 1 x YPbPr Component Video Cable
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x IEC Connector Cable, Connect IEC-F (Slave Tuner) with IEC-M (Master Tuner) as rear panel showing
  • 1 x HDD 160G


  • 12 Months!


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