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UV Checker with Mirror is a great gift for young and old.

How do they work?  Well normally you can't see Ultraviolet Light - it is beyond the visible spectrum.  However there are some substances that absorb UV light, and convert it to a longer wavelength, i.e. visible light.  So really, we are making the invisible (UV light) visible - as "simple" as that.

Tie one on your mobile phone, your body, umbrella, baby stroller, surfboard, golf bag, tennis bag, purse...anywhere that could remind you to protect your skin in the sun.


  • Normally the UV Checker is just white (or transparent). But when you expose it to Ultra Violet light - normal light is fine - they change colour.
  • The Checker is very sensitive to UV light, and once they have changed colour, they take a while (at least a few seconds) to go back to their white state.
  • There are five main different colours, blue, purple, yellow, orange and red, in graduation, to indicate UV intensity.  The darker the colour, the stronger the UV ray.
  • Comes with a mini mirror for those mini urgent make-up needs.
  • Designed in Japan.


  • Size: 2.5cm x 3.2cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x UV Checker with Mirror


  • In stock, immediate dispatch

FREE Ozstock Day: UV Checker with Mirror - The Sun Smart Mobile Phone Dangle

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