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Love fried eggs in the morning but hate it when the egg takes over the whole pan?  Why not try the heat-resistant silicone Egg Rings.  With the simple and yet extremely effective egg rings, you can now have flawless and presentable fried eggs that not only taste good but also look great in no time, each and every time! 

FOUR Egg Rings on offer today!

(Hamburger is for mouth watering purpose only, if hunger persists, see your food practioner)


  • Flexible, but will retain shape
  • Silicone for durability
  • High heat resistant
  • Can also be used for Mini pancakes or fritters, etc.
  • Promotes healthy eating (and saves money) by helping to reduce excessive oil usage
  • You can cook multiple eggs for the whole family in one go using multiple rings
  • Comes with handles for easy lifting
  • Easy to clean, dish washer safe


  • Size: (Diameter)8cm X (Height)1.5cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Different colours available, randomly selected for dispatch

Please note, colours may be different to photos.

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Packs of 2 Silicone Egg Rings  (4x Egg Rings In Total)


  • Immediate dispatch!

FREE Ozstock Day: 4 X High-Heat-Resistant Silicone Egg Rings

(including GST)
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