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You might be an organized person, but your busy kitchen won't be so without the help of some containers to house those countless kinds of food.

26 pieces might sound a lot, but when you start using them, it's surprising how quickly they get populated, so...

   Hurry, strictly limited stock, grab yours today!


  • Designed to store all kinds of food including sauces, spices, salad, cheese, meat, nuts, crackers, lollies, lunch, left-overs, etc.
  • Made of food grade plastic
  • All come with lid
  • Unique addition to a busy kitchen
  • Great for fishing and other general usage as well

Package Includes:

3 Sets of food storage containers (total 26 pieces including lids)


  • 1 x 200mL(7Oz) Square container + Lid
  • 1 x 450mL(16Oz) Square container + Lid
  • 1 x 930mL(35Oz) Square container + Lid
  • 1 x 1350mL(47Oz) Square container + Lid
  • 1 x 170mL(6Oz) Round container + Lid
  • 1 x 370mL(13Oz) Round container + Lid
  • 1 x 800mL(28Oz) Round container + Lid
  • 1 x 1300mL(45Oz) Round container + Lid
  • 2 x 300mL(10Oz) Rectangular container + Lid
  • 2 x 300mL(18Oz) Rectangular container + Lid
  • 1 x 1200mL(430Oz) Rectangular container + Lid


  • 3 month


  • In stock, immediate dispatch or pickup!

3 Sets of Food Storage Containers

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