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: : : Threads > Products >1500W and 1500mL Eco Genius Floor/Carpet Steam Mop with Carpet Glider
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State New South Wales
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Login 12-31 09:31:54
Date: 2010-02-17 14:18:40

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Login 08-22 22:32:01
Date: 2010-08-20 20:04:16
Have just received this THING!!! First... I had to replace both of the o-rings to stop it leaking. Then... when I tried it out. My goodness, how useless. Calling it a Steam Mop is false advertising. Try Hot Water Mop. The Microfiber Cloths get dripping wet in a matter of a minute. This leaves the floor sopping wet. There is no way I would use it on the carpets. Leaving the THING to preheat for 5 mins before using made no difference. I even tried using hot water in the reservoir to no avail. Will try to return it. Wish me luck! Won't be buying from Ozstock again if this is the quality of product they supply.

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