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$ 4.98
(including GST)

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Sign up to receive daily offers like this and never miss out again!

The Car Mount Kit is the perfect phone holder for your car. It docks your phone to your dashboard in a snap. So it's visible, accessible, and right where you need it, everywhere you go.

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  • This fantastic and fashionable car mount kit is perfect for holding your digital product onto car
  • Super compact sized, without blocking your sight
  • 360 degree all direction flexible rotation
  • The Magnetic Socket (Installed onto/adhered to phone etc. by high quality 3M tape) is strongly sucked onto the antirust ball shaped base.
  • The magnet is safe for use with all phones
  • Both the Magnetic Socket & Ball Base components feature 3M VHB foam adhesive tape for secure attachment
  • 3M VHB foam adhesive tape can be removed without damage to surfaces
  • The magnetic socket can also adhere to other metal stuff (refrigerator doors, metal shelving, filing cabinets, toolbox tops, even grocery cart handles etc.,)
  • Comes with a single use alcohol pad, for cleaning the place where you will fix the ball shaped onto

The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket contains a strong magnet. These magnets will NOT damage your tablet or phone. However, DO NOT place near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers, or computer hard drives.


  • Material: Metal + Magnet + Plastic
  • Dimensions
    • Ball Mount (Dia.): 30mm
    • Magnetic Socket (Dia.): 24mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Base Colour: White

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic socket 
  • 1 x Antirust ball base
  • 1 x High Quality 3M tapes for magnetic socket and ball shaped base
  • 1 x Magnetic sticker


  • Please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery
  • No pickup