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Why use an amplified splitter?

With so many people now having 2 or more Digital TV Tuners in their HTPC, the strength of the Digital signal is critical in successfully receiving Digital TV.

A standard 4-output splitter will output a TV antenna signal, but the strength of each output will only be 25%. With Digital TV, it is absolutely crucial to get as strong a signal as possible. The signal must be strong enough to even be able to pick up the TV station. The GME Kingray amplified splitter will boost the signal to every output therefore insuring each Digital TV card has the best possible chance of picking up the TV station. It incorporates a 16dB of gain at 860MHz and 12dB at 44MHz.

Ideal for both analogue and digital signals.

The latest release of splitter amplifiers is now available from GME Kingray. They have been designed for superior performance within the Australian digital and analogue terrestrial environment. The characteristics of the components selected provide a very low noise figure, a high output level and return loss.

Supports both F-Type and PAL (ie. standard Antenna plug) connections.

SA164F is a F-Type model, however, this special pack includes 5 PAL standard connector adapters, so you are covered whether your home has F-Type screw-in or standard plug-in antenna connection, how is that for versatility!

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  • Adjustable VHF Gain
  • Comes with adapters
  • Optimised for both digital and analogue TV signal amplification
  • Brand: GME Kingray
  • Supports both F-Type and PAL (ie. standard Antenna plug) connections.


Frequency Range 44-470 470-860
Maximum Gain (dB) 12-14 16
Inputs 1 1
Noise Figure (dB) <3.5 <3.5
Gain Control (dB) 8 Tilt N/A
Mains 230 -240V AC 230 -240V AC
Output Figure DIN45004B (uV) 100 100

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 4-Way F-Type Splitter Amplifier Kingray SA164F
  • 5 x PAL Standard Connection Adapters


  •  3 years warranty from manufacturer


  • In stock, immediate dispatch or pickup
  • Call before pickup essential

GME Kingray SA164F 16dB 4-Way F-Type TV Signal Amplified Splitter with Standard PAL Adapters

RRP $99.00
(including GST)
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