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A Simple and Elegant Solution for IT
Desktop problems. Upgrades. Security. It's been impossible for IT to really "be there" for everyone. And everything. The Dell OptiPlex 755, however, will change all that for IT departments everywhere. Developed through feedback from Dell customers, it offers remote management tools that help simplify upgrades, security, power consumption and even break/fix problems. So more can be done from one place: The IT professional's desk.

Advanced Remote IT Management
The Dell OptiPlex 755 offers enhanced management and control with Intel® vProTM processor technology, allowing IT staff excellent flexibility, high efficiency and reduced desk-side troubleshooting. So you can get more done around the office without having to run around - and you have more time for projects that can help an enterprise work better, faster and more efficiently.

  • Intel vPro Processor Technology. Designed to help reduce IT costs with simple, remote management from the IT console, Intel vPro helps extend management and protection. So you can turn desktops on and off remotely, do more remote troubleshooting, and protect your system through virtual, 'always-on' security. And Dell offers vPro on every OptiPlex 755 form factor1 so you can get it where you need it, across the enterprise.
  • Industry standard-ready hardware management helps make systems management easy, highly efficient and secure with encrypted communications between the management console & client (versus ASF 2.0)
  • Dell Client Manager is available for download at no cost for Dell customers. This management console allows IT to take advantage of the advanced management features available on the OptiPlex 755, including secure remote power control, streamline provisioning and software patching, monitoring hardware with pre-defined alerts, remote troubleshooting and repair.

Power Efficiency
Dell offers an approach to energy that others don't. We think beyond the power supply to power management across the enterprise. That's why the OptiPlex 755 not only gives you default Energy Smart Configurations but tools like an online energy calculator to help you choose configurations that best fit your needs. We believe that saving your resources should go hand in hand with saving the Earth's resources.

  • Energy Smart power management settings enabled out of the Dell factory, consumes up to 54% less power than systems disabling power management.
  • Energy Star 4.0 certification , available on select configurations. ]
  • Dell's 80% efficient power supplies are up to 10 - 12% more efficient than previous generation power supplies.
  • Energy Efficient, Intel Core 2 Duo processors can deliver high performance with excellent energy efficiency.

Energy Calculator
Use Dell's Energy Calculator to compare and configure your OptiPlex 755 system for optimal efficiency, saving up to 78% in energy consumption.2

Smart Security
The Dell OptiPlex 755 gives you advanced security options to help keep your data secure real-time. Beyond just RAID support, the system offers proactive security features from vPro, and advanced remote management capabilities.

  • Data Security and Recovery with RAID 1 support ensures real time redundancy for data - helping to keep your business files intact and accessible.
  • Proactive Security features with Intel® vProTM technology Helps simplify many security functions including guarding against malicious attacks, isolation of virus infected PCs and fast security patch deployment to help keep your system safe and secure.
  • TPM 1.2 helps protect the network from unauthorized access, while enabling multi-factor authentication with smart card and biometric readers to enhance security capabilities for email, web access and data protection.

NOTE: All above is only general info copied from Dell website, actual specs may be different and subject to change without notice.


  • Model: Dell Optiplex GX745 (Monitor is not included)
  • CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz
  • 2GB Memory
  • DVD RW
  • Windows XP Home Installed (COA)
  • Comes with DVI and VGA Port
  • Dimensions
    H: 12.45" W: 3.65" D: 13.4"
    H: 31.63cm W: 9.26cm D: 34cm
  • Condition: Refurbished (ex-corporate)
    For more details, please see in Specifications TAB (If there is any conflicting info, specs above are to be relied on)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Ex-corporate Dell OptiPlex 755 with 2G RAM (Windows XP Home installed (COA))
  • 1 x Keyboard
  • 1 x Mouse
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x CD image
    NOTE: Monitor is not included.


  • 3 months


  • Dispatch or pickup in 1 working day!
  • Call before pickup essential(02-9748 0600)

Ex-Corporate Dell Small Form Factor Computer Optiplex 755 with 2G Memory

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