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smile Last Purchase by: GeeDub
Benefits :
Keep your living and working space crystal clear.
Great for people that have to take them on and off to go in people's house.
Extremely easy to open and deploy it easy to slip over one's shoes.
Cost efficient and safe alternative to disposable shoe covers.
Don't wear them on the surface where covered too much water.
Don't wear them on rough surface to prevent holes occurring.
Multi-Use and Used by Different Occupations
Application: Suitable for home, travel, party, car, garden , all most indoor and outdoor can be used.
Material: CPE
Colour: Blue
Size:  15x37cm (one size fits all)
Package :
100x Shoe Covers 

Konka KU9 3G, keypad function smart $49.98

5x Filomask 3ply Non Woven Face Ma $16.98

Bestway H2O GO! Jumbo Inflatable Ja $4.98