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smile Last Purchase by: NORMANSTEWAR
[Perfect gift] Excellent reception, designed with simple buttons, automatically searches and stores the radio station. Easy to operate and control, gift for the elderly and children.
[Portable and lightweight] Pocket size, with earphones, can keep it in your pocket and listen anywhere and anytime, perfect for walking, hiking or picnic outdoors.
[User-Friendly Lock Switch Design] With keypad lock function, make sure your favorite stations won't be switched by accidental touch in your pocket.
[Improved Version] Up to 58 radio stations supported, Each band for 29 radio stations. Upgraded receiver to enhance better reception in places with weak signal. 9/10 KHz AM steps adjustable.
[Battery] Built-in 500 mAh battery, with LCD screen that can show the charging process. You can play for 5 hours once fully charged.

Screen Size:about 34mm/1.34"x20mm/0.79"

Receive Range:

AM522-1620KHZ?9K?/ 520-1710KHZ?10K?
FM 64-108MHZ

Receive Sensitivity:
FM ≤8 uv
AM ≤20 mV/M

Signal noise ratio:
?30 dB
?40 dB

FM Antenna : earphone wire antenna
AM Antenna : Internal AM Ferrite antenna

Lithium Battery(Built-in): 500mA ,3.7V
Charge: DC 5V, Micro-USB jack
Charging time: 2-3 hours

Max working power: 6.5MW

1. The product adopts DSP signal processing chip, put an end to frequency hopping phenomenon
2. High sensitivity, low failure rate, low energy consumption
3. Shell adopt ABS material, appearance with Ark spraying prosessing,fine workmanship
4. Convenient hand rope to carry on or hang on the wall when you listen to radio
5. LCD liquid crystal display , with 31 volume level to choose
6. Battery symbol, battery usage on the screen,all be clear at one glance
7. The radio has a lock key, prevent accidental operation occurs when using
8. Three searching ways: manual searching, automatic searching;automaticly save search record
9. Large chip memory space, FM/AM each band can save 29 channels
10.Saved radio can delete according to the customers' willingness
11.Have a mute button (press the power button it will mute)

Package :

1 x 2 Band mini Radio
1 x Earphone
1 x USB charging cable
1 x English manual
1x Rope 

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