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Product description:

Newest 5 Blue LED Toggle Switches with Overload, Over-current and Short Circuit Protection.

Sleek & Contemporary design, high quality aluminium , perfect for your machine.

Easy to install, can be installed horizontally or vertically (Horizontally optional)

Stainless Steel Screw and labels included, suitable for both 12V and 24V systems Panel is pre-wired.



Switch Panel

Material ?ABS, Aluminium Plate



Amp Rating per circuit:15amp Max

Rocker Switch:5

Loop Circuit:ON-OFF

Switch System: Water-resistant enclosed Rocker switch

Overload protection: 12V – 24V, 15A DC

USB socket output: DC 5V / 4.2A(total)

Operating Temperature: -25 degree to 80 degree

Electrical Life:10000 make and break cycles at full load

IP Rating:IP67


Package included:

1 * Multi-Functions Panel

1 * Labels

4 * screws