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Authentic Store Lipstick Set of 15 (Demi Matte-15) (1ST CO PY)
Specification: Inspired by love for self-expression through makeup, Demi Matte is a comfortable and hydrating Cream Lipstick that sets throughout the day to a velvety, satin finish. Saturated in pigment, the range showcases a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colors to complement every one of your alter egos. The creamy texture glides on with an intense color release from the first swipe, creating a lacquer-like sheen that highlights and enhances the natural contours of your pout. Demi Matte lipsticks are formulated with a hint of menthol, specially designed to deliver a temporary cooling effect and tingling sensation that leaves the lips looking visibly plumper. Enriched with Maxi-Lip that stimulates collagen and hydrates the lips throughout wear, Demi Matte sets to a satin finish that lasts for hours with extreme comfort without dehydrating the lips. Faithful to her versatile use, likes to blot her lips after application to mute the shine and achieve a more matte, almost satiny finish. How to use For the perfect pout: - Line your lips using the Lip Contour Matte Pencil and fade towards the center. - Apply only one layer of Demi Matte to the center of your lips - Spread the product over your lips by rubbing your lips together - For a beautiful stained effect, blot your lips with a tissue after application

Authentic Store Lipstick Set of 15 (Demi Matte-15) (1ST CO PY)

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