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The Wired USB dongle are more reliable connecting than wireless Version. 
After setup, every time 100% plug and play and charging your phone as well. 
Not like wireless version, every time have to setup before it can play. 
Just lost to much time for every time when you get in the car. 
On top of it, it just drop out the connect by no reason. 
This product does not compatible with original factory car screen . 
--This product support 99% after market Android head unit and 99% iPhone/Android phone.   
--This product does not works well on WinCE car. 
--This product supports IOS10 and above versions of Apple phones, Android phones 
--Carplay system requires Android 4.2 and above 
--We recommend using the original USB cable of the mobile phone 
Prouduct feature 
-- Voice Control: 
Support Siri/Music/Maps/Phone calls/Messages/Audio books. 
Siri function help you call anyone of your friends. 
Our device's operating speed is according your phone's ios speed. 
-- Touch screen and HD Display: 
Directional control and view your phone on the car navigation screen with USB cable. 

CarPlay USB Smart Car Link Dongle For Apple IOS Android Auto 2021

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Last Purchase by: gordo.bish
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