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1. With electronic micro-camera, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through the USB data cable.
2. Ultra small lens with HD pixels, easy access ear canal and see more clearly.
3. 6pcs LED lamp brightness can be adjusted by dimmer button of the control box according to your need.
4. Suitable for daily cleaning care, ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal.
5. A essential tool for each family.
Connecting: For Windows PC, for android system with OTG and UVC(USB video device class)function.
Waterproof Level: IP67
Lens: 5.5mm
Pixel: 0.3MP
Focus Distance: 1.5cm
Material: plastic, metal
Pen Length: about 15cm
Color: black
Package Size: 18*9*4cm
Package Weight: 0.115kg

3-in-1 USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope HD Visual Ear Spoon Earpick With Mini Camera

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Last Purchase by: Bob W
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